Contractor Screening Form COVID-19

The health and safety of our customers and employees is important at the Township of North Dumfries.  As such, prior to any on-site or project implementations, this form must be completed by on-site contractors and each of their employees each day prior to entering the building regarding their current health.  Our primary goal is to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

North Dumfries reserves the right to refuse for our employees to deliver on-site support based on the information provided above. If any of the above answers is a YES or you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, the contractor is not permitted to enter the Township facility for 14 days.  If the status of your health changes over the course of working with the Township or if you have any questions, please notify Julianne Gale at 519-632-8800 ext. 111.

Enhanced Screening for Contractors

  • All contractors must provide the Township of North Dumfries with a copy of their COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols prior to commencing work at the Township of North Dumfries properties and facilities.
  • Contractors must enter/exit through a designated entrance/exit only.
  • All contractors must sign in/out when on site.
  • If any contractor or employee develops flu-like symptoms, they must immediately leave, self-isolate, and contact the project supervisor by phone and seek medical guidance. The municipal Site Supervisor must be notified immediately.

The Township of North Dumfries as the Prime Contractor will:

  • Ensure that no more than one contracting company will be in a specific area of the facility. If the contractor or their staff need to go outside that area, they must ask permission of the Township supervisor.
  • At all times while performing a work process in our facility, contractors and their staff must maintain a 2-metre (6 feet) distance. If this cannot be maintained, a risk management protocol must be established and followed. Please share protocol with the project coordinator. 
  • Everyone on-site needs to know where to access soap and water or hand sanitizer. 

A healthy and safe workplace is everyone’s responsibility. Your active participation and support are vitally important to maintaining and improving health and safety in our workplace.